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May 30, 2004

X/Y? shown at Fanime 2004 to a crowd of well over a hundred, introduced by all of the voice "talents".  Despite the thundering of Yaoi fans next door, reception was excellent.

November 21, 2003

X/Y? shown at Anime USA 2003 to a crowd of 50-75, introduced by Captain Kami of the S.K.O. and Spacer Moore, the Admiral's daughter.  Reception was good.

August 9, 2003

X/Y? shown at Otakon 2003 to a crowd of hundreds, introduced by the Admiral.  Reception was excellent.  Some folks were literally rolling in the aisles.


SDF-O studios began not long before Ani-Magic 2000, and yet it has its origins in the 1993 production of "Race of the Mohicans"  Armed with three microphones and a soundtrack, the Captain-to-be and his two compatriots turned the 1992 blockbuster "Last of the Mohicans" into a madcap race through Eastern America.

Since then every ship the Captain has been on has had a recording studio.  Many projects became often watched pieces of hilarity; many more failed to make it out of the room...  

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