Sammy's Page! 

 Sammy has been with the SDF-O since the keel was first laid down in 1994.  Quiet and loving, Samantha sleeps about 80% of the time, and spends the remainder of the day eating and lounging around the ship.  She has lustrous white hair (with calico spots) and green eyes.  She is a cat (but don't tell her that).  Her interests include television shows about animals (she loved Babe), catching inanimate animals, and intimate wedding discussions. She also doubles as the Captain and Queen's alarm clock.

[Image]Press here to download Sammy's favorite software!

Assistant Science Officer's Report:

After careful observation, a limited number of modes of operation have been observed in Sammy:

Mode 0: Eating     Mode 1: Blobbing

Mode 2: Licking     Mode 3: Roving

Mode 4: Whining     Mode 5: Chasing

Sadly, we were unable to determine any more unique characteristics.  Sammy could be a Tamagotchi.

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