The date: September, 2000.  

The setting: Deep in the bowels of the ship.

    Five members of the crew had gathered for a night of bland entertainment.  An old Mystery Science Theater episode played through.  The Second Officer's eyes took on a feral cast.  "I want to kill something," he said menacingly.  Specialist Lin jumped up and began perusing through the ship's vast anime collection.  The Captain looked at his fellows knowingly.  There was nothing lousy in his hoard.

    Suddenly Mike yanked a tape out of the shelves and looked uncertainly at us.  "Is this bad enough?"  Clutched in his hand, still pungent with the stench of the plane of hell from which it was spawned (Plane 10, ruled by the Annodemon), was our copy of the "End of Evangelion".  Like the lodestone, no matter how many times we'd tried to pawn it off on someone else or flush it into space, it always returned.  

    I roared, "Yes!  That's what we'll do tonight!"

    One hour and a half later, four members of the crew stumbled out of the room, tendrils of smoke curling after them.  One of their fellows had given his (or maybe her) life in the endeavor, but "End of Evangelion" had been defeated.  It had been changed to:


Afterbirth has shown twice at Animagic 2000, Animagic 2001, and Fanime 2001:

 No further showings are anticipated.